IK-650 Pro

Universal Modular Soldering Reworking Center

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Developed for multiple tasks related with removing & installation components which demand thermo-profiling. Modular design allows to build the system up and down upon process requirements. Widely used by people who visit their customers to help them with rework & repair.

The system guarantees  100% repeatability of a soldering process without any tuning after each run, what let to incorporate it into a assembly line.

The best Price/Quality ratio for this type of machinery


Controlled by "TermoPro Center"

IK-650 Pro controlled by "ThermoPro Center" software which automatically adjusts temperature on a board supporting a desired thermal profiles. Optional Air Cooler FC-500 can automatically generate cooling zone in thermal profile when required.



Features and Applications:

  • Wide range of PCB sizes can be processed  
  • Uniform heating field eliminates deformation of PCB and effect to alignment components
  • Precise control of the operation temperature with 100% guaranteed results
  • High repeatable thermo profiles
  • Can be used for traditional or ROHS solder technology
  • Upgradeable modular design
  • Soldering SMD-components on PCB by tracing preliminary developed, tested and tuned thermo-profile;
  • Thermo-profiles development and tuning. Feed-back links between multiple sensors and sofware afford operator to optimize a profile in a way ideally meet a PCB specific;
  • Pre-heating of PCB’s during soldering and de-soldering of SMD-components by different technique;
  • Control of Themperature parameters during pre-heating and soldering;
  • Pre-heating of silicon wafers at the solar battery production process;
  • Pre-heating of ceramic components before process them what reduce microcracking;
  • Chems thermo-polimerization; 
  • BGA components re-balling;
  • Preliminary heating of metal parts (joints) before its soldering and/or welding;
  • PCB utilization by mass components de-soldering;
  • Other Lab needs where the temperature control in small zone is required.


Technological capabilities

  • Big and "Hard" BGA with a thick solidaluminum casing
  • Plastic and metal connectors



Technical specification

Upper Heater of IK-650 Pro  
Upper heating area 60 60 mm
IR sourse / wavelength Ceramic Elstein (Germany) / 2-10µm
max  +650°C
P max   250 Watt
PCB Pre-heater of IK-650 Pro  
Temperature rang  50 - 350 °C
Temperature accuracy  ± 2°C
Max possible temperature difference on working surface, excluding corners ± 4°C (at a temperature of 200°C)
P max  2 x 1400 Watt
Number of independent heating zones  2
Working surface size L x W  340 240 mm
Other parameters  
Recommended distance from PCB to Upper Emitter diaphragm
For flat diaphragm
For 3D concentrator


Recommended Processed PCB dimensions / max  350 x 250 mm / 400 x 300 mm
Temperature control / Interface  With thermoprofile at PC program / USB
Thermoprofile accuracy (typical value)  ± 3°C
Voltage / Power  ~220-230V – 50Hz / 3000Wt
Weight  20 kg



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