TermoPro Center

Program "TermoPro Center" at OS MS Windows platform with unique portfolio of instruments provides high efficient control and thermo-process design abilities .

TermoProCentr software


Program “TermoPro Center” (TPC) contains tools to solve almost any technological situation. We did our best to realize maximum possible functions programmed:

  • Control & management based on mathematical model of “ideal” thermo-dynamic soldering process and simulation multiple outer factors.
  • Due to continues temperature data read-out from control sensor(s) and a prompt process on-going correction system automatically achieves a thermoprofile closest to “ideal”.
  • Fast and simple process adjustment to a different outer factors, such as PCB thickness and material, massive copper “fields” in soldering zones, both side SMT boards, specific component casing, etc…
  • Unique function of heat transfer priority between Top and Bottom Heaters to help  focusing on most effective and safe options of the process realization.
  • Process is controlled till very end when the solder joint is totally created (crystallized). It can be achieved ONLY when cooling zone is realized in accordance with solder material physical requirements. 
  • Process Auto-Pause function allowed to correct soldering process automatically without cooling down and process re-start. All other parameters are kept fixed and only corrected one is changed at auto-pause.
  • Multiple service functions such as Photo and Video shutting, cooling on/off, temperature and time tags, audio and alarm announcements make a process not just controlled but accomplished with many additional helpful information.
  • Users do not just create your own profiles but they can download and use hundreds of our profiles developed and used for hundreds and hundreds processes we save in our library. Our customers use our Lab for free and tune old processes for their use.